Hearing Aid Device Features

The process of purchasing a hearing aid has been made very simple and convenient. Contact your nearest pharmacist for a free hearing test in-store before selecting the hearing aid device that would suit you best. You can also visit our Audiology centre in Perth.


Hearmore EXCITE Mini-BTE

Hearmore EXCITE CiC

Hearmore EXCITE Power-BTE

Hearing Loss Mild to Moderate Mild to Moderately Severe Mild to Severe
Multichannel WDRC 8 8 8
Multiband Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
Customised Hearing Loss Profile  Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Feedback Cancellation  Yes  Yes  Yes
Directional Microphones  Yes
Battery Size 10 battery 10 battery 13 battery
Telecoil Option  Yes Yes
Tinnitus Masker Option  Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Memories 4 4 4
Volume Control Automatic Automatic Manual
Colours Available beige red beige